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    011info.com is the first Serbian original informative web presentation, with database that contains more than 100.000 useful information.

    The presentation is dedicated both to the Internet users who are trying to find some information, and to the businessmen who can present their products and services.

    The company "011info.com" was founded in 2001.

    011info.com employees are young and ambitious people who wish to present our city and all its contents the best way possible.

    At the request of our customers and visitors, which is about ten thousand, we extended our activities to other towns in Serbia.

    During the year 2008 the project www.381info.com got real.

    Now we are here, in the brotherly city of Banja Luka, Republic Srpska.

    Already joint cities and people in Serbia and Republic Srpska, now we virtually merge.

    We are proud to present www.051info.com

    We wish you pleasant "surfing".