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    The company 051info.com doo was established in 2023 as a natural continuation of the long-term work and experiences of the related portals 011info and 381info, which offer the same type of service in the territory of Belgrade and Serbia respectively.

    Today, the company 051info.com exists as an independent company that uses presentations featured on the Internet portal to connect users with the providers of the requested services and products near them, as well as legal entities who are looking for business partners and services.

    Through close cooperation and partnership with the portals 011info and 381info, the internet portal 051info now provides useful and informative services to the citizens of Banja Luka and Republika Srpska as an independent and equal company in this domain.

    Our team of young and ambitious people who stand behind the company 051info.com doo is ready to respond to all challenges and facilitate not only users' searches for the desired services and products, but also the operations of our business partners who present their activities and services on our portal.

    We are proud to present http://051info.com/

    We wish you pleasant "surfing".