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    Every person living in Banja Luka will tell you that this is a beautiful city with streets filled with greenery, the city of youth, sports and beautiful women.

    Banja Luka was built on top of the river Vrbas, on the exact place where this wild mountain river crosses from its canyons to low altitude plains through which it makes it's journey to its confluence with Sava.

    In order to see Banja Luka as though it were in the palm of your hand, you have to scale the Banj hill. It is the only spot from which you can enjoy the full view not only of the city, but also its beautiful surroundings. You will be able to see every street and enjoy the lovely architecture of its houses and buildings.

    When the Serbian Republic was first established, Banja Luka - being at the time the largest territorial and political unit - became the capitol city of the new country and this is where today reside all of the state's institutions.

    The cultural and educational concept of the entire region is set by the National museum, National theatre, National university library, the Ban's court cultural center, the children's theatre, art gallery, thirteen high-schools and fourteen higher education insitutions.

    This city of youth is also a significant sporting center whose handball players, boxers, soccer players and other athletes have achieved enviable results in various European and worldwide competitions and Olympiades.