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    Pizza Banja Luka

    Address: 3 Trive Amelice st., Banja Luka
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    The only true lounge bar in Banja Luka.

    Cream Cafe Lounge bar has opened its doors to the Banja Luka urban elite, people who recognize a good place.

    As well as high-quality entertainment from the start. The recommendations are that you should visit Caffe Lounge bar Cream, which along with a wide selection of drinks, cocktails and coffee, also offers a quality music program.

    Caffe Lounge bar Cream is well known to everyone for its excellent atmosphere, quality food and great music program where you can hear the sounds of relaxing music.

    Cream Cafe Lounge bar and restaurant has to offer and pizza which earned the Italian cuisine that enchants with its light and exotic tastes. Just come and enjoy yourself.

    Do not miss to visit the splendid Cream Coffee Lounge bar and spend the weekend in the best way. Make reservations on time.
    Cafe Lounge Bar Cream, Banja Luka.