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    Graphic services Banja Luka

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    In business since: 1993.

    “Grafopapir” company in Banja Luka was founded in 1993 as a natural continuation of a successful career of its founder and owner G. Petar Vukelic in graphical engineering. Ever since the company has affirmed itself as a leader in Banja Luka in the area of offset and digital printing, bookbinding, gold printing and notepads, flyers, labels and all other promotional materials which are imperative for any business’ success. Grafopapir offers you a wide array of services: graphical preparation, digital printing, offset printing, toners, various products (posters, flyers, pamphlets, tickets, books, catalogues...), tampon printing (metal, leather, plastics, fabrics, wood, ceramics), gold-imprinting, holographic stamp protection, dry stamps (paper, leather, bookbinding materials), bookbinding (for graduation and magistrate papers, books, plaques...), bookstore (photocopying in color or monochrome). TONERS: Grafopapir company in Banjaluka is a renown representative of high quality toners from Italy for Bosnia and Herzegovina. We offer 12-month guarantees! We have created a production system of the highest quality and reliability. We are now able to excel in that field and offer our clients the security they need. Our printed products last longer! Contact Grafopapir ltd. in Banjaluka for any questions you may have. All our toners are premium quality and 100% covered by our guarantee. Our toners offer the best price-quality ratio in the market. Our new production system allows us to increase the toners’ capacity by up to 20%. Our replacement toners are all newly made and fit or supersede the original toners’ quality. All out toners have ISO is 9001 / ISO9001:2008 certificates which serve as a guarantee that our toners’ quality is equal to the quality of original toners. All our toners will print more pages than the originals with the same or better quality. Every one of our toners has been thoroughly tested after production before being cleared for sale. We guarantee your money back in case you are not satisfied by our toners’ printing! We are located in the center of Banjaluka, at 30 Jevrejska street, in the building of the City library. Printing house: phone: +387 51 228-210 Fax: +387 51 228-211 Bookstore: +387 51 228-212 Cellphone: +387 65 525-587 e-mail: grafopapir.bl@blic.net Sales: 57 Svetog Save Alley, Banja Luka tel: +387 51 220-320 Fax: +387 51 220-321 e-mail: grafopapir.bl@gmail.com, grafopapirblt@blic.net

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